Given the on-going trends of industrialisation and urbanisation in key developing countries in Asia, particularly in South East Asia, we believe the demand for resources will remain strong. Particularly, thermal coal is the key fuel in the energy mix of many developing countries. Since Indonesia is the lowest cost producer in the region, we believe Indonesia is poised to benefit from continued growth in global thermal coal consumption in Asia.

Auberge Energy is an established and reliable one-stop energy supplier. Our experience in the Indonesia & Global Markets allows us to provide expert insights into connecting the source of supply with users and maximising the values of this relationship.


Auberge Energy is the result of the merger of experienced Coal Industry Operators. The merger comprises of Coal Industry Participants whose core businesses range from owning mines, mining contractor services, jetty operators, coal trading and commodity trade finance, resulting in an established and reliable one‐stop energy supplier.


Within the group, we own coal mine concessions and are continuously working on expanding our own coal reserve base. Though not all our coal comes from our own production mines, we learned that having our own production capacity is a significant added value in an industry where consistency and quality of supply are extremely important and provides an in‐house hedging mechanism against price volatility.


Besides ownership of coal mine concessions the group also engages in Coal Mining Contractor Services and through this also operates coal mining concessions under Joint‐Operation mechanisms in which our Contractor is the appointed contractor for the operations and productions of the coal mines and our trading arm is the exclusive off‐taker of all coal produced from the Joint‐Operation coal mining concessions.

Through these mechanisms, we control both production quantities as well as qualities and through this add additional supply under our group supervision.


The next segment in the coal supply chain after production of coal is the transportation of the coal from the mine sites to the river ports (jetties) for coal handling, processing such as crushing and washing and ultimately loading to barges. Within the group, we own and/or control exclusively Four Terminals through which we are capable of providing “Coal Product” according to the specifications of our clients.

The services we can provide at the Coal Terminals include crushing of single mine coal and loading into barges and if requested we can also provide blending of coal from different locations into a homogenous Coal Product.


The merger into Auberge Energy group also includes partners which previously operated independently as trade finance providers to various local coal traders. These partners now provide the Auberge Energy group with a solid equity base on which financing of coal production and coal trading shall be built and expanded.

We are capable to offer FOB Barge, FAS Mother Vessel as well as FOB Mother Vessel with a current monthly trading capacity of approximately 400,000 mt (metric ton) and in the process of expanding this capacity to a yearly volume of 10 million metric ton with a range of coal qualities from GAR 3400 up to GAR 6500 with which we can fulfill the requirements of our clients.


Another division of the Auberge Energy group specializes in the shipping of the coal from the Coal Terminals to the Mother Vessels and handling Transshipment / Barging, Surveyors, Stevedoring as well as local and/or export and customs administration.


We serve coal users in Asia operating across various industries, with a strong customer base across India and China, with a distribution focus on the Cement and Power industry segments. In SE Asia the company exports coal to the different industries including Cement, Textile and Paper. We operate mainly on FOB basis and our current monthly trading volume is approximately 400,000 metric tonnes.

Steam coal with size up to 50 mm is used not only for burning at power-and-heating (Power Utilities, IPP and boilers) but also at sugar plants, chemicals and in the cement industry. Low level of ash, sulfur and at the same time intermediate to high level of calorific value are unique characteristics of steam coal sold by Auberge Energy. The company has an assortment of steam coal to meet requirements of our buyers ranging from GAR 3800 to GAR 6000.